Why Choose Element Vape?

Why Choose Element Vape?

About Element Vape, Inc., the parent company behind the favorite Elements Vaporizers and other vapes is pretty confusing at first. At first it looks as though they are going to be a direct competitor to the Vaping Authority but in reality, they’re actually not. Instead they’re attempting to make their products accessible and affordable for all consumers while still maintaining a high quality level and variety of products.

Element Vape

What separates Element Vape from their competitors is that they have been established in 2021, prior to e-liquid companies such as Blu-ray, vapor steam and also fruit drinks were really popular. In fact, they were considered to be a niche product since they took five years to attain the amount of mainstream popularity JUUL Pods that a lot of other e-liquid companies have achieved in only several short months. So, why has Element Vape taken so long to gain the eye of the e-liquid market? There are several reasons to think about.

Probably one of the biggest things that hook them up to a slight disadvantage is that they don’t offer a free gift with every purchase. While this might seem like a deal killer initially, they have since rectified this by including a free electronic refill kit alongside each element vaporizer. This is done in an effort to be sure that customers would really appreciate the value of an element vaporizer and that they wouldn’t think that it was some big style gimmicky move. It also helped them create a consistent customer service attitude because they know that whenever a customer appreciates their service, they are more likely to return.

One more thing that contributed with their rise to fame and success is they began offering cash back rewards and a discount for memberships. Simply the customer got two free draws of the merchandise whenever they bought a lot of juice or made a lot of juice. Now the customer might pay a little bit more than someone who doesn’t sign up for a membership however the discounts and cash back made the price very attractive. It drove many people to join. Element Vape even went so far as to trademark the term “element vaporizer” and to include it on almost all their squeeze bottles, freebies, etc.

A very important factor that I’d like to point out in regards to Element Vape’s rise to fame is that they do offer a chance to earn a significant sum of money. You can earn up to $500 instantly! That’s right, if you purchase ten units of juice from your own local store, you will then earn two reward points each and every time you get one unit from Element Vape! The main element to doing this is making sure that you’re ordering from their website so that you will are using their business hours.

A very important factor that I’d like to point out is that the customer service that they provide can be quite impressive. It is not only high quality, but they are always ready to help a person with whatever they have to offer. Their customer support representatives can be reached by phone anytime of day on the hour, six days weekly. Assuming you have any questions about their products, or if you need help finding something that you want, just provide them with a call, speak to someone about their options, and then you can easily order online.

One company that is around a lot longer than Element Vape is Vaporesso. This e-liquid manufacturer from Canada ‘s been around much longer than most because they’re highly established in america e-liquid industry. They are located in Burbank, California and they give a great variety of top quality vaporisers, along with matching accessories for your personal setup. They cater to both professional and personal set ups. As you may have guessed, Vaporesso also has their own e-liquid.

If you are wondering what’s so great about Element Vape, I’d need to say it’s the proven fact that they have maintained a high quality level while still providing new products that consumers continue steadily to buy. The prices are reasonable and they provide a wide selection of starter kits, starter tanks and also some advanced products. What is also great is they offer customer support in both their Canada and the united states. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Canada or the united states, you’ll get assistance and answers to all or any of your questions no matter where you live as long as you pay attention to the age verification and other safety features included on each of their products.